Tea Scarf

Tea and Scarf

Since coming back from Crete, the days have got colder and more wintry, so I turned my red merino handspun yarn into a crocheted scarf.

It's about 4 inches wide and long enough to double wrap and pull through, and it's so snuggly soft it's like my neck is wrapped in a hug.

With this scarf, and the powers of rooibos tea, I'm sure I can keep the autumn chills at bay.

Recipe for a Tea Scarf

approx 200yds soft fluffy worsted weight yarn 7mm crochet hook

Row 1: chain(ch) 140 Row 2: ch3 for turning chain, then double crochet (DC) (UK: triple crochet (TR)) in each base chain. Rows 3-5: ch3 for turning chain, DC(TR) in each chain Frilly border: ch3 for turning chain, ch1, DC(TR) in (same) turning ch, *DC(TR), ch1, DC(TR); repeat from * in each chain around the entire scarf, ending where you began.

Finishing: weave in ends.

Wear with pride. Tea drinking optional, but I can heartily recommend trying Rooibos Tea.