Handspun On Holiday

Handspun on Holiday

About a year ago now, I went to the Handweavers Studio in Walthamstow and bought some dye to play with.

After playing with some merino, I dug out some combed Wensleydale and experimented with reds, browns and yellows, aiming for autumnal colours.

After sitting, unspun and unloved for nearly a year, I found it again, spun it up, and was utterly entranced by the result.

The Wensleydale spun like a dream, and I've got a fairly consistent fingering weight single, which I took on holiday to Crete with me, intending to knit something with it.

Turns out it's very particular yarn, because it hasn't wanted to be either the scarf I started knitting or the scarf I started crocheting, and instead it was the most happy sunning itself and looking like a ripe, juicy peach on the edge of the balcony, looking over the swimming pool and sea.