It's time to start over

Sometimes, when things are very broken or very muddled, the effort needed to fix them is too much to contemplate. In those situations, there are two choices: do nothing or do something.

I've been doing nothing for several months, because I knew that the doing something was likely to be complicated and I just didn't have the time, the brain power or the energy.

I love blogging though, and I've been missing it very much. Twitter may have scratched the itch somewhat, but it just wasn't reaching that teeny spot in the middle that nothing else can reach. I started doing Project 365 28 days ago, after failing miserably last year, and although it started with me just posting a picture to flickr every day, I realised a few days ago that I'd actually started blogging again.

The only problem was that I was blogging on flickr, not here. Which on one hand is good, because blogging again is fantastic, but on the other hand, I felt guilty about continuing to neglect my actual blog.

So here we are. With the 9th blogiversary looming in a few days time, a re-virginised pixeldiva.

I've moved to Wordpress from Movable Type, making it the fourth CMS used to power this blog (the first three being Blogger, Greymatter and Movable Type) and in the interests of actually getting shit done I've gone with a generic template to hold me until I get the new design (which is still a work in progress) sorted and built.

Everything else that used to be here is now gone, but only temporarily, until I can put it back. I won't be importing everything that went before into Wordpress, but I will be linking to it in its archived form.

Fresh starts work so much better when they're actually fresh.

So, feel free to grab the feed, add it to your feedreader, and join me for what's coming next. I've got no idea what that is going to be, but I'd love for you to come along for the ride.