Socks on feet

It's been an eventful few weeks, which is why I'm so chronically late posting about my sockapalooza goodies.

I actually got these socks at the same time as I got the package I posted about previously, but when I emailed my pal to say they'd arrived, I told her I was just about to get a new camera, and that I couldn't think of a better way to christen the new camera than by taking photos of the stuff she sent.

Only, at that point, I didn't know it'd take a few days longer to get the camera than I was expecting, or that I'd then run out of time to actually write the blog post in my rush to get things organised before heading off to Crete for two weeks, or that I'd come back from Crete with an ill boyfriend and wind up ill myself while attending a wedding up North.

Anyway, the lovely Amanda from Bulldog Knits made me these beautiful diamond lace socks, and more than that, she inclulded a calendar from her home state, some Ranch Dressing mix (I got addicted when I went to Texas in March) and some truly fabulous sock yarn.

ShiBui Sock Yarn

The socks fit perfectly and are really soft.

Heel Detail

Thanks Amanda!