Designing Accessibility Into Themes

I was delighted last month to spend a couple of days with Leisa Reichelt and Mark Boulton looking at the work they're doing for the d7ux project from an accessibility point of view. During that couple of days, we got to talking about how to make it easier for people who make Drupal themes to make them accessible, and we came up with the idea of writing a kind of hints and tips document that could be viewed online or downloaded and printed.

The resulting document - Designing Accessibility Into Themes - is now available from and I've been overwhelmed by the positive response it's received on twitter so far. I'm even more pleased that it's in the queue to be included in the Drupal Handbook.

It's not an exhaustive guide to everything you should do to make a website accessible, because that would take many, many more words, but I hope it strikes the right balance of information, pragmatism and tone and gives a good overview of the main things to keep in mind if you're designing a theme for any kind of content management system - not just Drupal.

If you've got any feedback on it, I'd love to hear it, and please feel free to pass it on to anyone who you think might find it useful.