Cycling to Work

I got a bike through the Cycle to Work scheme a few months ago. I got it (in accordance with the stated purpose of the scheme) for cycling to work, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have severe reservations about actually cycling to work using it. I kept telling myself it'd be a really good thing to do, and it'd help me keep fit and all that, but I didn't really believe it. Which made the realisation that I really really enjoy it all the more surprising.

My first couple of commutes were pretty hairy and the elation I felt on arrival was more relief that I survived, but as time has gone on and I've become more familiar with my route (much more pleasant thanks to a top tip from a bikeist mate) I've relaxed into it and it's become something I actually feel disappointed about if I can't do for whatever reason.

My fitness is improving exponentially too. I've managed to cut about 25 minutes off my time and even when I'm not able to beat my route record (usually due to chronic headwinds), I feel less and less wasted when I arrive.

Quite apart from the health benefits, it gives me time to think and room to be inspired. My brain mulls over work problems and wedding plans and things gently slot into place along the way. It's great. I didn't even mind the day that it poured rain the second I set off and stopped when I arrived.

Of course, when it rains, the views aren't quite as impressive as these, more's the pity…

On the Thames Path

Shadwell Basin