About Accessibility Pages

A while ago, I asked a question about accessibility help pages on twitter, and even set up a poll, asking "Where on the page do you put your accessibility help link?". I gave four options, and the results were as follows:

  • At the top, in the first few tabs/links. 44% (35 votes)
  • At the bottom, in the last few tabs/links. 25% (20 votes)
  • What accessibility help link? 29% (23 votes)
  • Other 1% (1 votes)

I've been meaning to blog about it for ages, and was reminded about it again today, when I looked at three or four sites in a row which had accessibility help links as the very last link on the page.

I then posted to twitter that I:

would love to see stats for how many views accessibility statements/pages that are linked at the very end of page get, vs top of page.

I was really pleased when @AndyDBryant replied:

@pixeldiva If it can wait til tomorrow, I can dig out stats for my employer's site (accessibility link at bottom). What kind of time period?

I wasn't expecting any particular answers to my tweet, I was really just thinking out loud, but I really would love to know how many page views accessibility pages get, regardless of their positioning.

I have a few theories about them, but I'd like a bit more data before I expand on what they are, which is where you come in.

If you work on the web, have access to statistics and have an accessibility page, I would absolutely love it if you could give me the following info:

  1. Where on the page your accessibility page is.
  2. How many views your accessibility page has had in a given time period.
  3. How many views your home page has had in that time period.
  4. What that time period is.

If you can give me the name/url of the site that would be awesome, but if you can't for whatever reason, that's fine.

You can also use a fake name along with your comment if you feel the need, but I'd really appreciate it if you used a real email address (it'll only be seen by me, and I won't use it for evil, promise) so that I can contact you for further info (if you're happy for me to do that).

If you really feel uncomfortable posting stats publicly but still want to share, you can email me instead.

Thank you.