Whooga Boots

When I got pregnant last year, my feet did the pregnant thing of growing, unexpectedly, almost overnight. I went from a size 5 to a size 7 in quite a short space of time, leaving me irritatingly and uncomfortably shoeless (at possibly the worst possible time to be uncomfortable and unshod). In desperation, just before I was due to give birth, I bought a pair of knitted Ugg style boots, which, though not the foxiest of footwear, were at least comfortable enough that I could walk in them, and wide enough that my newly boatlike feet could fit in them.

Fast forward to January and the wind is blowing a gale through the (synthetic) knitted ankle and they're battered and collapsing and generally in that baggy ugly state that everyone associates with this style of boot, and often mocks. Not good. So I'm in York at the end of January, and it's freezing, and I'm thinking that I should really get a pair of proper Ugg type boots, maybe even bite the bullet and buy UGG brand boots, but the cost stops me in my tracks. They might be warm, but I don't love them nearly enough to pay that much for them. So I don't, and I go home, with cold feet and consider wearing two pairs of socks for the next couple of months.

Then a couple of days later I get an email, asking if I've got cold feet, and do I want to try a pair of Ugg style boots and do a review on my blog.


Yes. I have cold feet.

Yes, I was going to buy a new pair of boots, but didn't think my maternity pay would stretch to UGGs (I firmly believe that if you're going to cough up a lot of money for shoes that they should make you happy).

No, I don't usually do blog reviews of products because there's usually strings attached, or the products offered are things I wouldn't normally buy.

So I email back, somewhat disbelieving, and long story short, there were no strings attached. I was allowed to choose any boots I wanted, and have been free to wear them, keep them and write what I want about them.

So here's my review:

Short version

I love these and will not be parted from them. They are like walking in clouds. I may buy another pair in a different colour. Especially because there's a sale on right now making them less than half the price of their equivalent UGG brethren

Whooga Boots

Long version

Customer Experience

Working in UX I'm all about the customer experience, and although I didn't use the website to order, because they were ordered for me, I got all the steps from the point of order onwards, and I was very impressed.

I did check out the site though, and was really pleased to see detailed information on how to make sure you get the right size, as well as information about the materials used and how to wear (and care for) them, and after a bit of consideration, I chose the Classic Short Boots in Black.

I got a confirmation email as soon as the order was placed, with all the order details.

A day later I got another email to let me know that they had shipped, complete with tracking details.

A day later, they were delivered. Brilliant.

I did get an email that day saying that there'd been an attempted delivery (which was in reality successful, but I'd rather have an extra email in error than nothing at all), and three days later, a final email following up to make sure I'd received them, asking me to fill out a customer survey and giving returns information.

Cool. Never had that before.

But on to the important bit.

The Boots

Whooga Box

The Box. I'm a sucker for packaging, and though this was a nice try, it didn't entirely get me going.

Back View

The Boots. Nice subtle label. Reinforced heel, to avoid that collapsing thing that makes UGG boots look so sloppy.

The Boots. On.

The Boots. On.

Top View

The View from The Top.

I'm happy to report that despite my slight apprehension, the boots are a perfect fit. They're neat around my calf, which is great but I can still get my trousers into them, but does make them a wee bit more challenging to put on (these are not shove your feet into them and go boots - you have to put them on properly). They're also not too long or wide in the foot, which avoids the "swimming" feeling I've had with other similar style boots - and which has resulted in the most impressive blisters you've ever seen.

I went with the website's suggestion of wearing them barefoot and they were incredibly comfortable and warm. The only downside being the black colour, which transferred to my feet by the time I took them off. Still, a small price to pay for comfort, and not something I imagine that happens with the natural colour ones.

I've worn these to walk some fairly long distances (around RHS Wisley, around Dulwich Park with the local mums, etc. etc. etc.) for the last three weeks and they've been great. They've stood up to accidental mud (RHS Wisley + Mud + Pram Wheels = Woe), light rain, bitter cold wind and bright, warm sunshine. The inner pile has compressed a bit, but not too much, and my feet haven't felt hideously overheated at any point. I've worn them barefoot (and washed my feet a lot after), with thin socks and with thicker socks. If you were going to wear them with thicker socks a lot it might make sense to buy a size bigger, but it was doable.

As I said in the tl;dr version, I really love these. They're comfortable, warm and have withstood everything I've thrown at them. In the time I've had them I've only worn other shoes twice, and both times I've been less comfortable - make of that what you will.