Formula 1

I know who is responsible for my indoctrination into the world of F1, even if I can't remember exactly which year it was. I know that it became a thing, to plan weekends around the coverage. Saturday lunchtimes are about qualifying, Sundays are all about the race.

The build up starts slowly. A lazy sunday morning spent either in bed, or pottering around making breakfast to take back to bed depending on whether we've got company or not. Then comes the move to the sofa to watch the start of the coverage. If we've got company, I'll sometimes do some preparation for a big roast dinner while this is on, stopping when they interview Jenson Button (my favourite) or Lewis Hamilton (who caught my attention for the last couple of years while Jenson was languishing in crap car hell) or if there's anything particularly contentious or controversial happening.

As we get closer to the start, I begin to locate the various bits and pieces that are necessary to facilitate the required race experience: snacks, drinks, knitting and Sharky.

Sharky was a forgotten. I rescued him from the IKEA Warehouse in Wembley very late on Friday night and he's my "don't break stuff" surrogate. When things get tense or stressful, I grab Sharky rather than breaking HFBB's fingers, and when things get reallytense or stressful, he has been known to fly. Across the room. At the TV.

But I digress.

It's a tradition. Post-race is for talking about the race, eating Sunday dinner and trying to forget that we're on the slippery slope downhill to Monday.

I don't know why I'm gripped by F1 but Touring Cars leaves me cold. I think I've only missed one, maybe two races in the last several years. I even watched a race on Arabic TV while on holiday in Crete (the most bizarre part of which was that the commentator was actually Scottish and kept switching from Arabic to English with a Scottish accent and it distracted me no end).

I was gripped two years ago when Lewis Hamilton came on the scene and blew everyone's ears off and nearly won the Championship. I was gripped last year when he blew everyone's ears off again and nearly lost the Championship and I'm most definitely gripped again this year, now that my beloved Jenson looks like he's back in the running.

I'm so gripped, I'm even contemplating staying up for the next couple of hours to watch the practice session (now it's being broadcast as part of the shift in coverage from ITV back to the BBC) just to see for myself if Jenson's got a hope in hell or not.

The thing I'm most excited about though, doesn't have anything to do with the actual racing. Oh no. After enduring the godawful ITV F1 theme music from the last few years, I literally cannot wait to hear the "dum, dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum duuummm" of The Chain start up.

So come Sunday, I'll be on the edge of my sofa, clutching Sharky, hoping for a great race. Keep your fingers crossed the soundproofing between my house and next door is decent.

I might get noisy.