I don't do it nearly often enough, but it's so important to stop and count blessings every once in a while. I have been incredibly blessed this past year.

I've been loved, supported, encouraged and asked to marry the most amazing man I've ever met.

I've been welcomed with open arms by his entire family and grown closer to my own.

I visited a place I'd wanted to visit for 20 odd years.

I've worked with some amazingly talented, dedicated, inspirational people, and learned a huge amount in the process.

I've been given the gifts of friendship and advice many times over.

I've been inspired and energised when I thought my well had run dry.

Tomorrow brings the first step down a new path for me and I am incredibly excited. This has been quite a rollercoaster of a year, but I wouldn't change a minute of it, because it's brought me to this moment, in this place.

Life is good.

I am blessed.

Thank you.