Going to Singapore

Somewhat unexpectedly, I find myself going to Singapore for a business trip this week. I had no expectations of a lot of (or any) business travel for the near future, so it caught me by surprise when it was mooted, and I refused to believe that it was happening until it was confirmed.

I don't know much about Singapore, other than lots of people saying that it's pretty sterile and not as much fun as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok or Tokyo so it never really touched the top ten of my list of "Places I Want To Visit", at least until it got a spot on the Formula 1 calendar and decided to make it a night race.

Then it got my attention. Because, really, how impressive is this:

Singapore F1 Track at night from Boston.com's Big Picture

(as an aside, if you're not regularly looking at The Big Picture, you're definitely missing out)

Unfortunately, I'm only going to be in Singapore for about 54 hours, so I won't get much time to explore, and the Grand Prix Calendar is done for this year, but I'm looking forward to the new experience (even if I suspect it'll be more than a little Lost In Translation-esque due to jetlag and general tiredness).

So here's to new experiences, opportunities and challenges… and to laughing in the face of jetlag.