Goals for 2009

…because having goals is important, writing them down makes them real and writing them down in public means they're really real.

  • get Equal Web site up and running;
  • get pixeldiva blog up and running again;
  • relaunch The Shoe Project;
  • write more (in places other than Twitter);
  • write more about accessibility and design;
  • do more design;
  • make more of the design work I do public, rather than deciding it's shit and deleting it before anyone else sees it;
  • finishing fixing the Adana Press and do more printing;
  • take a photo a day for 365 days;
  • do more portrait photography (and to that end, If you're in London and don't mind someone pointing a camera at you in exchange for some prints, please get in touch);
  • do more exercise;
  • drink more water;
  • pay more attention to skincare;
  • get out more;
  • find (or re-write) that sock pattern from a while back and donate it to the p/hop project;
  • be purple, fluffy and awesome.