Crustless Mini Breakfast Quiches

3 Crustless Mini Breakfast Quiches

3 Crustless Mini Breakfast Quiches

I don't do well with cereal in the morning. I hate the stuff. Not a huge fan of milk. Toast doesn't do it for me and I end up eating way too much bread. So I struggle to find interesting, healthy, tasty things to eat in the mornings.  

I've read a few things on Pinterest about crustless mini quiches and when pottering around this morning decided to give them a go.

Here's what I did. 

I pre-heated the oven to about 180. Dug out the muffin tray, sprayed a bit of that 1 cal oil spray into each divot and set about seeing what we had in the fridge.  

I found some leftover ham, a couple of courgettes and some baby plum tomatoes, as well as some Double Gloucester cheese and 4 eggs.

I sliced the courgette quite thinly and then cut each slice into quarters and chucked 4 quarters into each divot. 

I then sliced the tomato into 4 slices and chucked them in too. 

Then I cut some small cubes of ham and added them too, getting slightly worried that I was over-filling each divot and leaving no room for egg.  

I cracked the eggs into one of my trusty Pyrex jugs, set about them with a fork and added some freshly ground black pepper before pouring the mixture into the each divot.  

Amazingly, 4 eggs was the perfect amount of egg for filling, and each divot was filled to just below the top.  

I grated 30g of Double Gloucester and added a pinch to the top of each mini quiche-to-be, like so.

12 Mini Quiches-to-be

12 Mini Quiches-to-be

I bunged them in the oven and set the timer for 10 minutes, hoping for the best, staying nearby so I could keep an eye on them in case they went up in flames or did the tango or something.

10 minutes later they came out of the oven looking fab and smelling great, and with a tiny bit of persuasion from a knife, were transferred to my plate.  

12 Mini Quiches

12 Mini Quiches

At which point Jnr came into the kitchen, looked at my plate and announced that he wanted a pizza. So I gave him a mini quiche and didn't bother correcting him, figuring it's no bad thing if he thinks these are pizzas.   

His eating of it went surprisingly well until he encountered unexpected tomato in the eating area, at which point the game was a bogey and his dad finished the rest of the quiche. 

Many way. Surprisingly easy, tasty and fun. No idea why I haven't tried this before. And in terms of what you chuck in the divots - the possibilities are endless. If you give these or something similar a go, I'd love to see/hear what you did, either in the comments or in Twitter.

And yes, I do like the word divot, why do you ask?